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Kealohi ode to Spirit

“Where there is devotional music, God is always at hand with his gracious presence.”   - Johann Sebastian Bach


When we TRUST LOVE without conditions, without agenda, all things are healed, and all things become possible! This is absolute!


Music is the universal language of the Soul, so Love can be felt thru music that raises our vibration to match the frequencies of Heaven, reminding us of our divinity as the Light-of-love-divine, in a human body.


Love also reveals its collective potency through mutuality with others, friends, family, and lovers, engaging, and enjoying thoughtful, meaningful communication. 


Trust Love Music came into form in 2003 to bring a few creative artists together for a common purpose---to understand Love and share the gift that it is as music that heals---to give musicians, artists, and the Listeners, an opportunity to engage in a vibrational upliftment thru a message of musical beauty, harmony, and unity. 


This website is dedicated to you and the One who created us all.  We hope to inspire you and open your heart to a new beginning, through our songs that weave the story of life’s emotional journey and aspirations.


We have studied how emotional pain can assist in our personal and spiritual growth. We have learned that pain and JOY are the greatest teachers and healers.    


As Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape puts it, “Pain pushes us until a higher vision for our life pulls us into self-expression.  Each of us is a co-creative agent with Spirit.  Acceptance of our creative nature is the key to an inner vault of riches beyond our wildest imaginings!”


Wayne Kealohi Powell, Founder/Director of a Mystery School known as, Shamanic Bodywork, has worked with thousands of people all over the world in the last 3  decades in his Holistic Health practice. Wayne enjoys bringing groups of people together to share in Aloha Spirit medicine and the Hawaiian art of Lomilomi massage. 


Wayne's album, KALE'AOKALANI~The Joy of Heaven, is getting rave reviews for its healing potency when used consciously in one-on-one or group healing sessions. This album was designed specifically for deep healing, massage, meditation and making love. It embodies the frequencies of a peaceful, joyful, playful Light dancing--the  Divine Light that warms your heart and heals with the beauty and eloquence of Natural soundscapes through the hearts of several master musicians. All the solos were influenced by the Ascended Masters who emanate radiance from Mount Shasta--the majestic, sacred mountain in northern California.


Wayne lastest release, DEEP INSIDE (EP), featuring the Humpback Whale songs of Hervey Bay, Austrailia, was also recorded in Mt Shasta, California,. It will bring more healing to a larger group of people all over the world!

Wayne has returned to his roots recently and recorded his 10th and 11th albums with Rob Hewes as his Producer and collaborator on 10 fresh tracks spanning four genres: smooth Jazz, Latin-Rock, Folk/Country Rock songs. Finally a good album for dancing. The diversity of genres has actually created 2 new EPs, that are being released Summer of 2022.


If you enjoy what you hear, please let us know! We love to hear from you about how this music touches you. Thanks for listening!!!

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